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Sewing Kits and Fabric...

3 main questions I always get asked are:

"What equipment do I need?" 

"Where do I get that from?"

"Where do I buy this gorgeous fabric?"

So I've decided to put together some amazing sewing kits for you which will include everything you need to start you off on your sewing journey!


I'll also be offering fabrics for sale once a month in the This Mummy Sews- Community Group on Facebook, so if you're not in the free group yet please make sure you join!

Sewing Kits...

Coming very soon!

Fabric Friday!!!!

Join the free Facebook group to access Fabric Friday! It will be a facebook LIVE where I will show you fabrics i have in stock and you'll be able to order by the full or half metre!
It takes place once a month, fabric will not be available for sale on the website, only in the group.

Sewing Kits (1).png
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