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Secret Page...


You have  gained access to the secret page which means you are an exclusive member of Lola-Pops! 

Below you will find a variety of exclusive products, sneak peaks, discount codes and much more! These will change on a Monthly basis and access to this page will change every month via the Newsletter, so make sure you open it... you defo don't want to miss out!

(please read rules below)

This Month!

It's very rare I get fabric back in stock when they sell out but I couldn't resist these two stunning fabrics.

Exclusive to only you via the secret page. You can order these two fabrics in an item listed on the product below. 

Some Rules: I want to keep this page special for those people who are true Lola-Pops fans.

Please DO NOT share any codes or screen shots from this page to others. People found to be doing this will be removed. If you want your friends and family to benefit like you, please simply tell them to join my mailing list and check their weekly newsletter. 

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