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This Mummy Sews - MEMBERS CLUB? 
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Are You Ready To Learn How To Sew For The Little People In Your Life? 

The brand new membership 'This Mummy Sews - MEMBERS CLUB' has been created for busy mums that really want to learn how to sew but feel like "I don't have time!"

The Members Club takes the 'faff' out of learning how to sew by providing you with an amazing sewing kit every month with everything you need, delivered to your door so you can do what you love the most and actually sit down at your machine and SEW! You'll get creative in the company of other like-minded mums on a LIVE sew-a-long lesson.

As a busy mum it's hard to find the time to do things for yourself. You are so busy juggling 'all the things' it's so easy to put yourself to the bottom of the pile and see to everyone else's needs before your own. With this membership you can have some quality 'Me Time', a chance to relax and calm your mind from the craziness that motherhood throws at you. It's a chance for you to take some time out from your busy schedule and reward yourself for all the amazing things you do for your family.

This Mummy Sews - MEMBERS CLUB will take you from.....

'I Can't Sew' to 'Watch Me Go!'

Once you know the basics there really will be no stopping you!


Hi, I'm Debbie. I'm an expert seamstress who has been sewing for my own children for the last 10 years! I set up my successful small business 'Lola-Pops' from my kitchen table whilst on maternity leave and have grown the business to what it is today!

I want to share my skills and passion with mums, just like you, and teach you how to sew for your little ones too. 

And that’s why I've created This Mummy Sews!


I help mums go from ‘I Can’t Sew’ to ‘Watch Me Go!'


Sewing has had such a positive impact on my life, especially in those early days of motherhood when you are juggling it all. Sewing gave me an escape, some ‘Me Time’ and massively helped to improve my mummy mental health, as being a mum can be really hard at times can’t it? 


Through my amazing membership, in-person/online classes and courses, I create proud moments for mums all over the UK and beyond, one stitch at a time! 

When I’m not sewing, you’ll find me running around after my girls, enjoying a nice glass of the red stuff and let’s be honest… sewing (ha!) because I am kind of addicted!

What's Included In The Membership?

You are in for a treat with this amazing membership! It's your chance to learn everything there is to know about sewing! You'll get a different sewing project every single month so you'll be learning new skills and techniques every step of the way.

As a This Mummy Sews Member you will also get access to all of these amazing bonuses...

- A monthly sewing kit delivered to your door. You can completely tailor the kit, choose your fabric and size you are making. The fabric will be pre-cut for you saving you so much time and all the notions and haberdashery you need will be included too. (RRP: £15-25)

- A monthly LIVE sew-a-long class delivered by Debbie, the founder of This Mummy Sews, taking you through step by step to make sure you have an amazing wearable item every single month for your little one. (RRP: £50)

- Access to a growing library of pre-recorded classes so you can start learning and sewing straight away. (Priceless)

- Access to a private members only Facebook group. This will form the hub of the membership and will be an amazing and supportive community. (Priceless)

- Free online or half price in-person Sew-cials every Tuesday Night (£20 saving)

- A weekly LIVE Q&A session with Debbie in the private Facebook group so you can pick her brains and get help and support whenever you need it. (RRP: £25)

- Exclusive discount codes and special offers from recommended fabric/haberdashery/pattern retailers that have partnered with the Members Club. (saving your lots of £'s)

- Guest expert Q&A sessions or master classes that will be organised throughout the year, teaching you other skills and techniques to further your sewing knowledge and skill level. (RRP: £25-50)

Total value of well over £150+

What Are We Sewing in July?

🤩 Shirred Cotton Dress with Gathering!🤩

This stunning little dress doesn't even require a pattern! Learn the secret formula and practice two amazing skills of shirring and gathering that you can apply to any garment you like! (option to make a cotton romper too as an alternative)

Wow! The July sewing project with This Mummy Sews - MEMBERS CLUB

and its an amazing Shirred Dress with Gathering! The perfect dress for Summer!

*option to sew a cotton romper too 

Wow.... Yes really! You are going to create the most cotton beautiful dress for your little one (*or cotton romper) that will not only look absolutely gorgeous, it will also give you the opportunity to learn and practice TWO amazing new skills... Shirring and Gathering! 🥳🥳🥳

This project is super special as it doesn't require a pattern. With the secret formula (I'll cover in the members club), you'll be able to make this dress for any aged child and even make it for Mummy too! 🤩 With over 30 different fabrics to choose fro this month,  I can see lots of matchy matchy dresses this Summer that's for sure! 😍

Here's the skills and techniques you'll learn on this month's sew-a-long lesson:

  • How to construct an amazing shirred cotton dress with gathering (*or cotton romper)

  • You'll learn the secret formula for this no pattern dress, meaning you can make this dress for any child or adult in the future!

  • What stitches you need to use to sew 100% Cotton.

  • Shirring - a technique that turns non stretch woven cotton into a super wearable garment without the need for fastenings!

  • Gathering - to create a stunning frill at the bottom of the dress.

  • How to create straps and you'll learn 2 different ways to do this!

  • What stitches you need to secure seams on the inside making it look just as stunning on the inside too.

  • How to hem a dress with the double fold method.

  • Topstitching to give the dress a professional finish. 

Future Projects...

There will be a new sewing project every month, a new sewing kit that can be completely tailored to the little one you are sewing for and a new LIVE sew-a-long lesson!
New projects will be discussed with members but some ideas I have are hoodies,jumpers and rain coats as we head into the Autumn Season soon 🤩 

What My Members Are Saying...

Are You Ready To Join The MEMBERS CLUB?

This amazing new Membership is offering you EXCEPTIONAL VALUE when you join and you'll be learning from day one of being in the membership! You'll Get absolutely everything mentioned above, every single month, for an amazing Members Price....

Members Club Price is just £45pm 🥳

For just over £10 a week you can learn how to sew some unbelievable outfits for your little one in the fastest and most enjoyable way. Everything is provided for you,no faff, no stress, just pure enjoyment sat at your sewing machine! You'll get some amazing dedicated 'Me Time' every single month too, to switch off and take a break from 'all the things' because you really do deserve it!

* Sewing kits for the LIVE sew-a-long lesson will be posted on or around 15th of each month.

*Members that join after 20th of the month will secure their place and a sewing kit for the following month's sew-a-long. If there is fabric available for the current month's lesson, new members can order a sewing kit for the current month.


When will the LIVE sew-a-long lesson be each month? - The LIVE lesson will usually take place on the last Wednesday of the month and will take place 7-9pm. The Live sew-a-long dates will be shared in the private facebook group well in advance.

What if I can't attend the LIVE sew-a-long lesson? - This is no problem at all. All sew-a-long lessons will be recorded and will be uploaded into the members portal within 24hours so you can complete the lesson in your own time and when it's convenient for you.

Is there a minimum commitment to join the membership? - There are no minimum terms, you can join the membership and stay for as long, or as little as you like. 

What is included in the sewing kit? - All the fabrics and notions required for the monthly sewing project. All you will need to provide is the thread. Your fabric will be pre-cut for you in the size and fabric you choose each month, saving you so much time. 

When will my sewing kit arrive? - The sewing kit will be prepared at the start of the month once you have tailored your sewing kit. It will be shipped in plenty of time to arrive for the sew-a-long class. The kits will usually ship on or around 15th of each month.

**If you join the membership on 20th-31st of the month you will reserve your place and your sewing kit for the next monthly sew-a-long. If there is fabric left for the current monthly sew-a-long you can order an additional sewing kit to be delivered to you asap and where possible in time for the current LIVE sew-a-long lesson. 

What age do the sewing projects go up to each month? - Most of the patterns used for the sew-a-long classes go up to age 5-6yrs, some go even bigger. You'll be notified each month when the project is revealed of the size you can make the item up to. You can then choose the child you'd like to sew for.

Can I sew for different little ones each month/different sizes etc? - Yes absolutely. You can tailor the sewing kit every single month. There will be a form for you to complete so you just need to pop down the size you are making on that form each month.

Can you join the membership if you are from outside the UK? - Absolutely YES! Everyone is welcome. There are mums in the membership already from USA and Australia. There really is no limited on who can join.

International shipping - This Mummy Sews is based in the UK but the membership welcomes international mums too. There will be an additional charge of £10pm to cover the cost of international shipping. This will be discussed with the member when they join the membership. There are currently members in the Members Club from Australia and USA! Everyone one is welcome.❤️

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