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T-shirt and Harems Pants - Sewing Kit


This is a sewing kit that will go along side the pre-recorded Easter Special Class (where we made Tshirt and Harems pants) as part of the amazing membership...


'This Mummy Sews - MEMBERS CLUB!'


*If you are not a member yet please CLICK HERE for all the details and to join.


These sewing kits have been created especially for busy mums in mind that want to sew but just don't have time to 'faff' around with sourcing fabric, buying patterns, sticking them together, cutting eveything out..... 


The kits will save you so much precious time meaning you can simply order the kit to be delivered to your door so you can simply open the box and SEW, SEW, SEW!


Inside the T-shirt/Harem sewing kit you will find:

  • All the pieces to you need construct a Tshirt and Harems pants for your little one in your chosen fabric. These wil be pre-cut for you saving you so much time.
  • Some super cute seam labels to give your Romper the professional finish.
  • The Tshirt and Harems pants pattern goes up to age 12yrs  so you can choose any size you like. (*additional £5 for 5yr + to cover cost of additional fabric required)


Sew-a-long Lesson 

There is a recorded sew-a-long lesson inside the 'Members Club' portal that will go along side this sewing kit. You can watch the replay and follow along to create the Tshirt/Harems set of your dreams! Your little one will be looking super cute trendy in a Mummy made outfit in no time!



A link to the sewing pattern will also be shared in the portal for you to purchase if you'd like to make more Tshirt or Harems pants in the future. 


Tailor Your Sewing Kit

You'll be able to completly tailor your Tshirt/Harems sewing kit for the child you are sewing for.

Have a look at the fabric pictures that are currenty in stock and fill in the details. when asked. 


I simply need to know the SIZE you are making, the FABRIC you'd like and any corordinating colours. I have a range of plain colours to match all instock fabrics. Simply request if you'd like any corordinating colours for sleeve, waistband etc or put 'surprise' and I'll choose the colour that matches the best for you.


*There will be an extra charge of £5 if you are making the T-shirt/harems for a child age 5yrs + to cover the cost of additional fabric required.


The sewing kit will be shipped to you within 2-3 working days giving you time to get your machie out and set up ready to go! 


Happy Sewing! 


T-shirt/Harems Set - Sewing Kit

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