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Starter Sewing Kit!


The perfect sewing kit that will include everything you need to get you started at learning how to sew!


Your starter kit will include:

  • Premium 10" rose gold metal fabric scissors
  • Thread snips 
  • Pin Wheel containing 40 pins
  • Pin cushion with additional pin sharpener
  • Stitch unpicker/seam ripper
  • Tailors chalk
  • 150cm retractable tape measure
  • Fabric clips (x 10)
  • Large safety pin
  • White  cotton spool - Coats Moon thread
  • Black cotton spool - Coats Moon thread


*To purchase all the above items separetly they are worth £37- 42 (price comparision using amazon) - This kit will save you up to £17 not to mention the time you'll save from scouring google for everything you need.


Your kit will come packaged in a small cardboard box or there is an upgrade option to get your kit packaged in a fabric zipped bag for £3.50 extra which will be perfect for storing them in.


Happy sewing!


Debbie xxx


Starter Sewing Kit

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