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Monthly Boxes are Finally Here!!! 🥳🥳🥳

Become a FOUNDING Monthly Box Subscriber TODAY!

How it Works...


Your very first Monthly Lola-Pops in a box is just a click away! 

This is your chance to get Lola-Pops outfits landing on your doorstep every single month so you can dress your little one(s) in limited edition, bespoke outfits that will have all the others mums asking... #wheresyourbabysoutfitfrom 🥳


The monthly boxes give you free rein to create the most beautiful and bespoke outfits for your little one. There will be some stunning new fabrics to choose from every single month, you'll get to choose from a large selection of bespoke, core or custom outfits. You get to completely tailor the box!....  Trust me... this is going to be AMAZING!

IMG_9278 (1).jpg

Lola-Pops will set to work to create the outfit of your dreams and it will land on your doorstep every single month! You'll be amazed every single time you open this box and I guarantee you'll  defo have the best dressed kid on the block!

Join in the fun today and become one of my Special Founding Monthly Box subscribers! 

*Monthly Spots limited to 15 founding subscribers initially.

What's inside your Monthly Box?

  • A completely tailored , limited edition and bespoke outfit for your little one in a choice of stunning new fabrics every month!
  • Matching accessories of your choice.
  • You'll get to choose an amazing bespoke outfit from the bespoke gallery or a complete outfit from the core and custom collection. The choice is yours!  
  • Twin and Sibling mums will be able to choose 2 core or custom items from the gallery to be made in the same fabrics plus matching accessories, meaning your little ones can match every single month!
  • There will be an option to add additional items to your box too if you like!
  • September, December, March and June Boxes will be a surprise seasonal box that will also include treats for little one and Mummy too!

Special Founding Monthly Box Price of just £36pm! 

*limited to the first 15 founding subscribers*

The July Box Ships in...

Here's a Sneak Peek of Previous Limited Edition, Bespoke Monthly Boxes....

What my subscribers are saying...


Special Founding Monthly Box Price of just £36pm! 

*Limited to the first 15 Founding Monthly Subscribers*


How do I tailor my box? - Each Month you will get exclusive access to the brand new fabrics on offer that month. You'll be able to choose the fabric and outfit you'd like for your little one(s), the size you'd like making and the accessories you's like too. 

Is there a commitment period? - there is an initial commitment period of 3 months for the Monthly Box subscription. You will recieve a box in July, a Box in August and the Seasonal box in September. Your subscription will then roll over for the next season Oct/Nov/Dec and so on. If you decided you no longer want to carry on getting Monthly Boxes your spot will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

What happens to my exisiting subscription if I join the Monthly Boxes? - If you already have an existing subscription with Lola-pops in a Box your old subscription will be paused. You will only be charged 1 payment on 1st of the month. 

What's included in the monthly Box? - please read description above but you can completly tailor your box from a choice of brand new fabrics and bespoke/custom or core items. Each box will contain one outfit (or 2 items if its a twin/sibling box). Outfit meaning: top and bottoms, bespoke dress, romper with top underneath if required. Each outfit (or items in twin/sibling box) will be valued at a maximum of £50. You will have the option to order additional items for your box each month as required too. If a bespoke item is not listed on the gallery and requires a new pattern there may be an additional charge to cover pattern purchase.

Can I order extra items in my Monthly Box? - Yes, there will be an option to order additional items in your Monthly Box if you like. These will be limited and discussed on an individual basis when tailoring your box each month.

When does my monthly box ship? - Once you have tailored your box it will be created for you and you'll be kept up to date on the progress via weekly emails. The Monthly Boxes will ship each month on or around 15th of the Month.

Can I use the buy back service when my box outfits no longer fit? - Yes, absolutely. Once the sad day comes and your stunning bespoke box items no longer fit, please return them to me and I will buy them back from you with my amazing buy back service and sell these on the pre-loved collection. This means your amazing items stay in circulation for longer and another little one gets to wear and enjoy the outfit too.

Can I Spend my buy back code/voucher codes on the Monthly Boxes? - No, codes/vouchers can't be redeemed against the monthly box subscription but you can use them to purchase additional items inside your Box, on all pre-loved items on the website and on any events/market nights in the Lola-Pops Extra Group too.


Limited edition, exclusive outfits for your little one that will have all the other mums asking... "Where's your baby's outfit from?"

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