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Tuesday Nights havde just got exciting!!!


Come along and join in the Tuesday Night 'Sew'cial and sew in company with other like-minded mums who are all learning how to sew for their little ones too!


Give yourself some much needed 'Me Time' because you defo deserve it! *Babies are very welcome if you need to bring them along with you for whatever reason. Child care will never be a barrier to coming along to this social event.


The 'SEW'cial will take place every Tuesday night at This Mummy Sews HQ.

It's your chance to bring along your current sewing projects, get accountable to make sure you finish your sewing projects and to also gain the confidence to try new skills and patterns over a brew and biscuits and lots of chatting and laughter!


Debbie, the founder of This Mummy Sews, will be there completing her own selfish sewing projects but will also be on hand to give you help and advice with any project you are working on.


Machines are available to rent for the duration of the class (£5 extra) or you are welcome to bring your own machine with you too!


Can't make it to the Sewcial???? Don't worry, you can attend online too as there will be a zoom link available to anyone wanting to attend virtually where you can still give yourself some much needed 'Me Time" at home and still benefit from the social interaction via zoom for just £5.


** Fabric and haberdashery will be available to purchase on the night (cash or card payments accepted) not availble online.


This new event have been so successful I'll be continiung the SEWcials every Tuesday night going forward! 



'SEW'cial - Tuesday Night

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