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Bespoke slots are here!!!


There are only 10 slots available each month.


Secure your slot now with just a £10 deposit!


This is your chance to have a one of a kind outfit made for your little one! It's going to be super special, designed for your little one making them the best dressed kid on the block!


This is an exclusive and personal experience where you will get my time and expertise to help you create the outfit of your dreams. All bespoke orders will be sewn by me, Debbie, the founder of Lola-Pops.


*Custom slots will be secured with a £10 deposit. You'll then recieve an email shortly after with a link to complete your special bespoke order form. Please complete this form with as many details as you can, there is also an opprtunity to download a picture of your idea for me to see too. I'll be intouch to dicuss your ideas once your form is completed. I will create a link for you to order your bespoke items.


*Each bespoke order with be unique and individual so they will all vary in price. As a guide, I expect the majority of bespoke orders will be in the reigion of £35-£50 but this will depend on size, style, fabric used, time taken to make etc. Prices will be discussed during your 1-2-1 planning session via email or messenger.


£5 of your deposit will be used to cover my time to plan the outfit with you, source any new designs and patterns and create your link. The remaining £5 will be deducted off the total price once your link in created. If your order requires the purchase of new patterns, design, fabrics or habberdashery this will be used to cover those costs. 


*postage costs will also apply or collection always welcome if you are local.


*turnaround time for Bespoke Orders will be between 4-6 weeks.

If you need sooner there will be an express fee of £10 added to your link.


**If you decide not to go through with the Bespoke Order after recieving the link the £10 deposit will be non-refundable as this is to cover my time to plan/contact/discuss the project with you.


If you need to see more ideas and inspiration of what you can have made from the stunning new fabrics in stock then head to Lola-Pops Extra to see the pinned 'Bespoke' post.

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Bespoke Slots!

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