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Sarah Brown

Bespoke order as discussed.

2 x pattern purchases one is cvered by the bespoke fee, i;ve had to change a bit extra for the other. hope thats ok?


1-2y Swing style dress with sugar skull navy side inserts, knot bobbles + pattern purchase


2-3 high waisted bloomers with bow and Knot bobbles - own fabric + pattern purchase


2-3y leggings - own fabric provided.


Please send fabric asap.


*See table below for price breakdown


Thanks so much xxx 


sugar skulls1-2yswing dress style with navy side piece insertsNavy essentials fabric - pattern to be purchased38
sugar skulls knot bobbes 4
highland cow2-3yhigh waisted bloomers with bow - pattern to be purchased £10- own fabric provided25
own fabric2-3yleggingsown fabric provided10
own fabric knot bobbles 4

Bespoke Order: SB

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